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Kendra Jonas is a contactee who facilitates and transmits readings from a 5th dimensional Being named, "Melody". Kendra channels Melody, and together, they have been helping people become more self-empowered in their everyday lives since November 2012.


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1 Hour Session With Melody
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Once you make your appointment, you may ask any questions you want for either a 30 min or a 60 min session, and Kendra will go into a trance-like state which occurs within just a few minutes once you are connected for your appointment.

Melody provides a higher dimenisonal perspective, providing a clearer direction pertaining to health issues, relationship struggles, financial concerns, and just about anything. Melody has access to information that most of us here in the 3-D world don't have access to. At the end of the session, you will receive a recorded copy of the transmission either as a .mov file or as an .mp3 file, depending on if you want to have a Skype Video or Audio call. Video Skype Sessions are $135 for an hour session or $75 for 30 minutes.


Email readings are also available for $35. For email readings, please send up to 3 questions to

Kendra will tap into Melody's frequency and send you a detailed written transmission within 1-2 days if ordering your transmissions by email.

3 Question eMail Transcription With Melody


Learn More About Melody

Kendra, her husband Rainer, and Melody have a radio show called "Mondays With Melody" which airs each Monday at 10:00am Pacific Time; 11:00am MST; 12:00pm Central Time, and 1:00pm Eastern Time. Tune into Light Waves Radio or click on the banner below to catch their radio show each Monday.


Archived Sessions "Monday's With Melody"

Session 1 - October 25, 2016

Session 2 - Anxiety and Depression

Session 3 - Integrating Synchronicities


Session 4 - Anger Resolution - Forgiveness & Peace

Session 5 - Manifestation & Abundance


Session 6 - Restoring Mother Earth


Session 7 - Pets & Their Relationships To Us

Session 8 - The Illusion Of Separation

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